How to Activate Netflix on TV

Are you looking for how to activate Netflix on tv? Here we will tell you some simple steps to activate Netflix on your television.

A variety of movies and TV shows are available on Netflix. You can watch any movie on Netflix using any device like a computer, smartphone, tablet, and Smart TV. You need to buy a subscription package to enjoy it fully.

Steps to Activate Netflix on Tv

By following these steps that are listed below, you can activate Netflix on your TV using netflix/tv8.

  1. Visit the official website www

  2. Use the remote to choose Internet@TV or go to the Home screen and press Internet@TV.

  3. Choose Netflix from the menu.

  4. Click on sign-in from the drop-down menu.

  5. If Sign In isn't shown, select Yes on the Do you have a Netflix account? Question.

  6. There will be a code.

  7. Enter the code at

Steps to activate Netflix on a smart tv

  1. Netflix can be downloaded on your device easily.

  2. Open the netflix com/tv8 app and log into the website with your account information.

  3. If required, register for an account.

  4. Now you can stream your favorite content