How to Add an Admin to Facebook Page?


Do you want to add an admin to your Facebook page?

Managing a brand page or your own page needs more people on your team to make a change or edit content to make it better and more informative for users.

But make sure whom you make your admin will be trusted that will play a significant role to grow your business.

Don’t you know how to add an admin to your Facebook page?

Here is how you can add admin to the Facebook page.

How Do I Add Admin to Facebook Page

Well, you can add or revoke the admin whenever you want. 

Follow these steps

  • Visit your Facebook account

  • Scroll down and tap on “Settings”

  • Click on  “Page roles

  • Now click on “Assign New Page Roles”

  • You can type o choose from your contacts whom you wish to make admin

  • Click on the dropdown box to select the admin option.

  • Make sure you have permission to add that particular person.

  • After filing the right name of the admin, click on “Add”

  • The new person's name will be under the red “pending” message

  • After the acceptance of the person, you will be able to add that person as admin.

A notification will be sent to the desired person whom you have chosen to make admin to your page. After accepting the admin request by your chosen person, they will be the admin of your Facebook page and can edit your particular page. for your business.

How to Remove Facebook Page Admin

Here is the process on how to how to remove facebook page admin. Using the same procedure you can remove the existing page roles and add the newer ones.

Whenever you want to remove a particular person, click on page roles >Edit > Remove and you can change the admin of your certain page.