How to fix the issue of Facebook reels not loading?


Facebook is the biggest entertainment and communication platform. And you must be aware of all its features. But do you know about its new feature? Meta has added reels as a new feature on Facebook. Reels are short videos that users create and post on the app. If the creators want, they can share their Instagram reels on Facebook. It is an entertaining feature, but some users are facing the issue of Facebook reels not loading.

In this section, we will discuss the possible causes of the problems as well as solutions to the same problem. You need to stay with us and learn more about it.

Reasons for the Facebook reels not loading

Many professionals have their own perceptions of the theory. I have mentioned some important of them: 

1. The first and very common reason that might be your network connection is not working properly

2. Maybe you are using the old version of Facebook and haven't updated it yet.

3. If your device is connected to the VPN

4. It can be possible that this feature of Facebook is not compatible with your device

5. The Facebook server might be offline or not working.

6. The Facebook app might be a bug or any other technical issue. 

How to fix Facebook reels not showing?

Follow these methods to get rid of this error.

Check Facebook Server

If the Facebook app is not working properly or not showing reels, then it is possible that there is a glitch in the Facebook app, or maybe the server is offline. There are several techniques to find out whether the server is offline or not. One of them is the Downdetector method. You need to visit the Downdetector, search for Facebook, and check if there are any ups and downs on the graph. If there are spikes on the graph, that means the app is offline or there is a bug inside the app. In this situation, you can't do anything except wait until the Facebook team fixes the app.

Clear Facebook Cache

The overloaded cache can affect any app or any feature in the app. By clearing the cache of the app, you may solve many technical issues in the app.

Clear the cache on the Android: Go to settings, search for apps, find Facebook, and then click on clear cache.

Clear the cache on the iPhone: Navigate to Settings > General > Facebook > tap on iPhone storage > offload app button > reinstall Facebook. 

Login and Logout Again

Sometimes there can be issues that are cured by just logging in again to the app. So if your reels are not loading on Facebook, you can try this. Log out of Facebook and back into the app. After this, your Facebook will work properly. If your Facebook is still not working, you can try other methods.

Update the App

Meta has recently added the reels feature to Facebook. So if you are using the old version of the app, then it might be that the function will not work properly in the app. So update your Facebook to the latest version. Moreover, updating the app to the most recent version may solve the issue of Facebook reels not showing.

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