How to Search for Someone on Instagram With a Phone Number?


Do you know that you can use the phone number of a person to look for them on Instagram? Interesting! There were a lot of people who often went to great lengths just to find the username of a person to look for a person’s Instagram account but, let me tell you that you can now use the mobile number of a person to look for their Instagram accounts. 

In the guide, we are going to tell you how to find someone on instagram with phone number so, read the details very carefully. 

Find Someone On Instagram Using their Mobile Number

For an Instagram phone number search, you need to use the steps that we are going to discuss here and make sure that you do not skip a single step. 

  1. Save the phone number of the person that you want to find on the application. 

  2. After this, you need to open Instagram on the same device on which you have saved the number. 

  3. Open your profile on the application and tap on the menu icon to open the menu. 

  4. There, you will see the option that says ‘Discover People’. Tap on the same and choose the ‘Connect Contacts’ option. 

  5. This will show you a suggested list of all the people who are on Instagram from your contact list and you can easily search for people by phone number from this list. 

We hope that you have comprehended all the steps that we have shared here as you need to strictly follow the procedure to find anyone on the application.