What is discord Text Formatting and How Does it Use?

Discord is one of the best communication platforms. But if you are using Discord for the first time, then it may be hard to understand its features and Discord command text. It has lots of features to use and many servers to know about. But if you want to learn the same thing, then read further. Here we will discuss Discord formatting and its commands. You will definitely get to know them in a few easy steps. 

What Do You Mean by Text Formatting in Discord?

Before moving on to the command text, let's learn about what text formatting is and how it works. Users use this text formatting to make their chats and texts spicy and exciting. Here users convert their boring text into exciting text by adding some formatting in them. It includes command text that helps to format your text in bold, italics, strikethrough, underline, colour, spoiler, code, etc. It adds some style and flavour to your text. 

How to use discord command text?

Style your texts bold, italic, strikethrough, colourful, add spoiler tags, etc by doing discord text formatting using discord command text. 

Change styles of the text: 

1. Bold

If you want to bold your text then add two asterisks (**) on both sides of the text.

Such as **type your text**

2. Italic

If you want to bold your text then add only one asterisk (*) to either side of the text.

Such as *type your text*

3. Bold Italic

To make your text bold italic then add three asterisks (***) on both sides of the text.

Such as ***type your text***

4. Underline

Now, what should we do?? To underline your text you just need to add two underscores (_ _) to both sides of the text.

Such as _ _type your text_ _

5. Strikethrough

Want to add a strikethrough?? Then add two tildes (~~) to either side of the text. 

Such as ~~type your text~~

6. Highlight

Add (`) on two sides of the text, if you want to highlight the text.

Such as `type your text`

Change the colours of the text:

You will need to make some syntax changes and change your language to add colours to your text. Highlight.js runs in the background to operate the Discord command text. It doesn't allow users to do colour formatting; users used to do it with syntax formatting, but it is limited in its use.

1. Red 

To change your text in red colour, use "Diff syntax highlighting" and have to type:


- red


2. Orange 

To make your text orange, use "CSS syntax" and do as given below:


[orange text]```

By the above article, you are easily able to do text formatting. You just need to follow the steps and make your friends happy by sending them formatting text.