Alternative Methods to Pay for Onlyfans Without Credit Card?

If you know about the onlyfans platform then you also know that this platform is a paid platform and for this for paying people use a credit card but sometimes using them can be risky and they don’t want to trap in this risk, so people are finding alternative ways to make payment on onlyfans platform. If you are also one of them then you are in the right place and on the right page. We will tell you how to pay for onlyfans without a credit card and about the alternative ways to make payments. 

Use prepaid card

To make payment instead of a credit card you can use a prepaid card but make sure this card should be of Visa. Only visa prepaid cards are accepted on the onlyfans platform.  

Free Accounts

Some free accounts are available on this platform which means that you can access this account for free and watch videos without paying anything gradually it will be upgraded to the premium version but for now enjoy and find these free onlyfans without payment accounts fast. 

Virtual card

You can also make payments through the use of a virtual card. For this virtual card you have to make an onlyfans payment wallet on this platform by putting payment details and whenever you make a payment it will be deducted from your virtual card and you do not need to use your credit card. 


You can also use a third-party app like Only Fans Viewer Tool. Let me tell you that it will ask for your information and by providing that information you are risking your device because this third-party app is unverified but it will provide you with every type of content that you want to watch on onlyfans without a credit card. 

A list of onlyfans payment methods is mentioned to you. Enjoy!