How to Recall or Unsend an Outlook Email?


In certain circumstances, if you have sent an email to the wrong recipient by typing error or by any silly mistake and the email contains something confidential about your company, then you must desire to grab another chance to resend it by correcting the previous mistake that you have done earlier.

Not only you but also the expert professionals can make errors or blunders sometimes and look for a way to recall the sent mail.

Luckily you can recall your sent mail from the recipient's inbox within 2 hours if you are using Microsoft Outlook Email.


Are you looking for a way to recall an email in Outlook 365? Read the post, we will walk you through a complete procedure to do so. Let’s get into it.

How to Recall an Email in Outlook 365?

Proceed with the steps for unsending emails in Outlook


  • Open MS Outlook on your PC and select the “Sent” items folder located on the left side menu.

  • Find the mail that you want to recall and double-click on it to open the message in another window.

  • Click on the “Message” tab and click on the “Three dots” button on the right side and hover over and click on “Actions”.

  • Then choose “Recall This Message”.

  • After selecting this, a window will appear with two options “Delete Unread copies of this message” and “Delete Unread copies and replace with a new Message”.

  • Then choose “Tell me if recalls succeed or fail for each recipient ”.

  • Tap on “Ok”

  • If you have chosen the replacement option,  a new window will open and compose s a fresh email to resend it.

Requirements to Recall A message from Microsoft Outlook

To recall an email in Outlook 365, there are some specific needs

  • Microsoft Outlook has the feature to recall the sent email which works only on PC. Mac users have only 10 seconds grace period to undo the toggle and edit or resend the email.

  • Before starting the process of unsending the emails in Outlook,  make sure that both the sender and the recipient should have an  MS Outlook email ID.

  • The mail should be unread.

  • The email should be in the inbox of the recipient.

  • The recipient's mailbox must be opened to recall the email.


In some instances when the recipient has opened the mail, then you will not be able to recall it rather you can set up  Microsoft email to provide you some more time for reconsidering your email before sending it.

Why doesn’t email recall work always?

There are several reasons why email recall doesn’t work:

  1. Message already read: If the recipient has already read the message, then the email cannot be undone. The recall will not be successful if the receiver opens the message.

  2. Offline or disconnected recipient: If the receiver is not connected to the email server or is offline while the recall request is being processed, the recall will not work.

Bottom Line

Now you are aware of the things that how to recall an email on your Outlook 365 or on your Microsoft Outlook. But it is not necessary that recalling an email always works. There are some conditions when recalling the email doesn’t work like if the receiver opened the email or the receiver is disconnected from the server.