How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account?

Facebook is still one of the biggest online platforms used by people to indulge in different entertainment tasks and this is why millions of people all around the world have an account on Facebook. And with such popularity comes the danger of getting your account hacked. It is no new news that there are many accounts that are hacked by different hackers on Facebook and this is why there are people who are looking for ways facebook account hacked how to recover. 

In this guide, we are going to tell you about the different ways in which your account can get hacked and how you can recover your hacked Facebook account. 

Signs to know your account has been hacked

Before we tell you the ways with which you can recover your hacked Facebook account, it is important to know certain signs that will prove that your facebook account hacked. 

  • If there are certain scam texts in your Facebook messenger then, you can be sure that your account is hacked

  • Changes in your birth date, email address, name and password

  • Friend requests are sent to those people who are not familiar with you

  • Posts did from your account that you have not permitted

How can you recover your hacked Facebook account?

It is very disturbing when your account is hacked by someone else and this is why we are going to give you some steps that you can use to recover facebook account. 

  • Reset your password

The first thing that you can do when you are sure that your account is hacked is to change the password of your account. If you still have access to your account then, you can follow the steps that we have given here to change the password of your account. 

  1. Open your Facebook account and then go to ‘Settings & Privacy’.

  2. There you have to choose the option of ‘Password and security’. 

  3. Tap the Change Passwords tab and then generate a new password for your account. 


  • Look for devices where your account is logged in

After you have changed the password of your account it is also important to remove your account from all the devices that it has been logged in as your hacker may have access to the account even if you have changed the password. 

  1. The password and security list of your Facebook account also have an option that says ‘Where you’re logged in’.

  2. Open this section and then choose the login attempt that you do not recognize.

  3. Now, choose the option of Secure account and adhere to the instructions that are given on the screen to log out of your Facebook account from that suspicious device. 


  • Inform Facebook

If you cannot access your account and you think my fb account is hacked and email changed then, you can alert Facebook on the Get help page of Facebook. Use the Facebook help page to report this incident and then get your account back from your hacker.