Best 3 Point Sliger for Camera?

There is a very common problem with cameras which is that they can be very much heavy to carry, especially the DSLRs. However, you get a strap with your cameras but it tends to swing about and can put a load on your neck if you wear it around your neck. 

When you sling it on one shoulder it is easy to control but it is not that swift to bring it into action. Along with this, there is a danger that it might slip off your shoulder. 

The solution for this can be a 3 point slinger for camera as it has three points of contact. But to select a 3-point slinger you must keep certain things in mind. 

Things to Consider Before Selecting Camera Sling 

You should see what type of camera you are using a Canon DSLR will need a strong sling whereas a small DSLR or mirrorless camera can work without it. 

Another thing you need to see is how you will attach a point slinger for the camera along with which you also need to see the level of comfort and security.

Best 3 Point Slinger for Camera 

Here are some of the best 3-point slingers for cameras that you can try to use. 

Foto & Tech

Foto & Tech slinger is a very strong one that will be enough to hold your camera. It also has a safety strap connected to the lockable carabineer which attaches to the strap. However, there is no pocket in it but it has a clip to hold a pen, 


It attaches to the tripod screw on the base of the camera and there is also a rubber base to protect the body of your camera. PiuQ is also very cheap and easy to afford and will not affect your finances too much. 


Altura slinger will give you a zipped pocket in the shoulder pad which you can use to place some batteries in it. It also has a safety trap and also a good range of adjustments so that you can use it easily. 


It is a little expensive camera slinger but has a very important additional feature. It has a safety strap attached to the body of the camera and the strap of the slinger. 

You can try these camera slingers and then can decide which one would be the best one for you and your camera in which you can invest your money.