How to Lock a File Cabinet With No Lock

A file cabinet is a type of furniture that we commonly use in our offices to store our files or documents. We add lock to file cabinet for the protection of our files. Whenever we want a file, we can get it simply by unlocking the lock with the help of a key. But sometimes we are unable to find the key to our file cabinet. In that situation, we always look for an alternative way to unlock our file cabinet. 

If you have also lost your key and looking for an alternative way then read this post completely. Here, we will tell you how to open file cabinet without key

Ways to Lock a File Cabinet Without a Key

If you also want to know how to lock a file cabinet with no lock then read the methods that we have provided below:

  1. Hide your file cabinet in different layers of boxes.

  2. Use sensors instead of a lock and key.

  3. Paint your File cabinet and wall with the same colour.

  4. Change its position in the room and keep it in front of your eyes.

Ways to Open a File Cabinet Without a Key

How to open a file cabinet without a key? We can open a file cabinet without using a key in many ways. We’ve mentioned some of them below:

  1. To open a file cabinet, you can use a Bobby pin.

  2. Secondly, you can use a Paper clip.

  3. Use the file part of a metal nail clipper.

  4. Call a professional locksmith.