How to Find out Who a Phone Number Belongs To?


Many times, all of us receive calls from an unknown number. Mostly the owners of these fake calls trouble us a lot. They keep calling us despite knowing that they have dialed the wrong number. It is also possible that the particular person is your friend or colleague who is teasing you just for fun. If you frequently receive these types of calls and want to know how to find phone number owner then read this entire article. 

Methods to find the Owner of a Phone Number

There are many ways through which you can check phone number owner. Let’s discuss some of them.

  1. Use Reverse Phone Lookup

The simplest approach to determine who does this number belong to is to use a reverse phone number service. Reverse phone number lookup is free and available on the website Whenever you receive a fake call enter that number on this website and also the area code. This site will provide the name of the person who is calling you if that phone number is present in the phonebook.

  1. Call Again that Number

You can also try contacting the number back and finding out who owns phone number. You might be able to determine who the number belongs to without speaking to anyone if the person or company has a voicemail. You can use Spydialer for this purpose. It will make a direct call to the voicemail associated with the phone number, allowing you the opportunity to listen to the message or conduct a free name search. 

  1. Use Searching Sites

Try conducting a search on websites like Intelius and Instant Checkmate if you've used free services and are still unable to identify the owner of a phone number. These services are very effective to search for someone using their phone number. If you enter an unknown phone number on this site then your chances to find the name of its owner will become increase. You have to pay some amount of money to do this. 

  1. Use Social Networking Sites

You can also use social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc to find out the owner. Sometimes people provide their phone numbers on social media to promote their brands or company. So, there is a possibility that you can find that person by searching the number in the search bar of a particular social media site. 

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