How to Bypass Code Generator for Accessing Facebook Account Back


Being the most popular Social Media app Facebook, has robust security protocols, in order to keep users safe from hackers as it is their target. To make your account safe Facebook has many layers of security measures that are created to secure your password and two-factor authentication is required to protect your Facebook data that can be used for any unethical purposes. 

FB code generator is among one of the layers of security that Facebook offers you to protect your account. 

We are going to talk about where to get fb code generator, and how it can be bypassed for logging into your Facebook account.

What is Facebook Code Generator

A new advanced feature of the Facebook code generator, which you can use for two-factor authentication security purposes to enhance the security level of users.

After activating the code generator Facebook iPhone, your phone will create a security code that you can use as an identification verification whenever you will try to log in on any other device. FB code will be asked to enter for confirmation that it's you.

Facebook Code Generator Bypass

If you have lost your phone or broken your phone, then you must be looking for the methods for Facebook code generator bypass. Sometimes, the Facebook code generator is not working and you want to access it from any other device then here is something for you.

You can use another phone to get an authentication code and click on the option “Need another way to authenticate” > Text me the Login code and then wait for the code to come on your phone.

There are a lot of ways to get a login code for accessing your Facebook account back.

Besides this, you can get a confirmation code on your email and get back access to your Facebook account.