How to Fix Firestick Apps Not Working?


Are you wondering why your is my firestick not working then you have landed at the very right place where you will get to know about it? There are many people who are facing this error which is why we have collected some ways you can use to fix the firestick not working. 

Methods to fix Firestick Not Working for the Users

Changing the batteries of the remote – It might be simple for you but if the batteries of the firestick remote are not working properly then you might have to face the firestick not working on Tv issue so try changing the batteries and see if the problem is resolved. 

Ensure Remote is in Range

You need to ensure that your remote is in range with your TV so that it is able to connect to the Tv and proper functioning is enabled. 

Unpair and then Reconnect the Remote 

  • Firestick won’t turn on can be an irritating issue to fix you have to hit on home and back buttons and hold them for a few seconds and then you have to repair the remote following which you have to press the back button again for 10 seconds. 
  • You can also try to reset the firestick as well as the remote if none of the ways above are helpful for you as resetting will let you fix any problem you are facing and will fix them for you in a few minutes. 
  • Using these ways which you have been provided in this blog you will be able to get rid of my firestick is not working so that you are able to use the firestick as you want. 

We also believe that the details about firestick which we are going to provide to you as constructive, positive, and beneficial for you using which you were able to enhance your knowledge.